My experiences and observations commuting on the long island rail road. To sum it up, What a Dump..

Friday, September 23, 2005


and here it is.. i can not take it anymore. it seems each and every day something pisses me off on the long island rail road. more often than not, it's someone. now is my time to berate you in a way that i only know how. all the shit i want to say when your fat ass sits next to me.. or the LIRR peaches decide to drop us off in some town 45 minute away from my stop, then say, 'buses are on the way'. oh shit, thinking about it now pisses me off..

It's close to 12 am, and i don't have to be on that damned train for another 7 hours.. so i don't want to think about it now and get all flustered. but i'll be back tomorrow, on location.. i'm bringing this bitch to the streets. or the rails i should say. i'll be typing like an angry mccann the whole way home. chances are anyway. annoying shit happens every day, so i'm confident i won't have to wait long for appropriate subject matter.

so, all that said, i'm sure i'll never be lucky enough to run into her on the LIRR again, that god forsaken vessel that brings me cross the river styx twice each day.. tomorrow is a new day! one that i'm sure will bring me much future anguish to vent about here. while this is going on, i hope to take pictures of some of the offending parties. so watch out, we're about to have a house meeting ya'll. 'what do you mean, you people!' you know what i mean.. i said it before, i'm bringing this on the rails. beware of showing douche bag type behavior, or you may end up, mug shot and all, on Long Island Rail Road Hell.


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