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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Instant Style - Indentity Crisis

It's a funny thing working in New York City.. Especially when I'm commuting from south shore, central long island. About 1 hour just to get into the city.. this does not include driving to the train, taking the subway, walking from the subway to work or riding up the slowest elevator on earth to finally get to the office, but i digress.

The phenomenon i'm talking about here is the identity crisis I've begun to noticethat some of my fellow commuters have. It seems to occur mostly with younger women (20-low 30's range) but some men as well. I like call this indentity crisis / phenomenon 'Instant Style', as opposed to 'In Style'.

Instant Style is when a young woman, or man, begin or continue their careers in a high fashion locale. New York City just happens to be pretty high fashion. When they first start their job, i notice the normal garb of a typical long islander. Not bad, just not ultra trendy. As the weeks and months go by however, an entirely new person begins to materialize and *poof*, we have Instant Style. Stiletto boots up to the knees worn with cropped pants.. Sunglasses that grow in lens size by the day. fedora hats.. embellished belts. Basically, take an issue of cosmo pointing out some new fashion trends, and you'll see Ms. Instant Style wearing all of them at once after a few months in the city.

A whole new person is born.. New look, same plain girl (or guy) with a serious identity crisis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

or could be , said person moved to long island with previous style, so they could actually afford to buy a house..and then commutes?

1:15 AM


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