My experiences and observations commuting on the long island rail road. To sum it up, What a Dump..

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Must you sit on my shoulder?

To the jackass that decided to sit in my cozy 2 seater the other night..

Do you need eyes on your ass? I mean, i know it sounds strange, but seriously.. You look at the open seat.. you decide to site there.. you turn your fat ass around and begin the 'sit down' motion.. but somehow, along the way.. your ass veers completely off track and lands on my shoulder. damn it man!

Then, i straight up call you an asshole, and you act like nothing happened!? Didn't even acknowledge the asshole comment or the fact that you sat on my effing shoulder. Where do people like you come from? To top it all off.. i then had the pleasure of witnessing and listening to you stuff a large order of greasy McDonalds fries into your mouth, 20 at a time. I can't even acurately describe that disgusting sound it made. Damn Pig!


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